What I’ve Been Watching #10


During the month of July I didn’t watch much Netflix or television. I think I was burnt out a bit after watching a lot in June, but one of these shows is now a favorite. July was full of supernatural creatures!

  • iZombie season 3 – I’m so glad that Netflix seems to be getting The CW shows a couple of weeks after the seasons end because I didn’t have to wait that long to see this season, so that’s awesome. I actually did a thumbs up to my computer after typing that. It was a great season! This season explored the larger zombie world and I enjoyed that a lot. Liv continues to be a wonderful protagonist, the episodic mysteries were exciting, and the exploration of relationships (both between zombies and zombies/humans) is stronger than the previous seasons. Okay, also, Jason Dohring is in this season. I don’t know what else I need to mention. I may try to watch season 4 as it airs.
  • Crazyhead – I did a whole review post on the first series of Crazyhead here. Overall, I think it has some strengths and I would like to see more of the characters and that world, but the writers need to work on some of the comedy.
  • Being Human – On my Netflix, this show has 2 stars, and I am offended. How dare them make me think I wouldn’t like it. This show is such a big deal! I didn’t know it would break my heart, though, repeatedly. The character exploration here, as well as the drama and the action, is wonderful.  I just love it and almost want to rewatch it already. The writers were able to keep my interest past certain episodes (if you’ve seen it, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about). And I love all of the main characters. That rarely ever happens. My favorite is Annie (and Hal and Mitchell) and my favorite relationship of the show is definitely Annie and Mitchell. There is an American version of it, and because I love the whole vampire/werewolf/ghost household idea, I am thinking of watching it. It has 4 stars on my Netflix, but I doubt that I’ll be as emotionally attached.

    Just for fun, here’s my “review” of Being Human that I posted as an instastory:


I’ve also been watching Big Brother. It’s a summer tradition for me. So far, I don’t care much who wins, but we still have over a month left, so I’m sure things will pick up on the gameplay front.

Have you watched any of these shows? Or do you have any supernatural creature shows to recommend?


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