Discussion: The Perfect Reading Space

Molly from Arhaus, a company that sells furniture, contacted me last week asking if I would be interested in making a post about my ideal reading space. This came at a good time as I recently mentioned that I was wanting to create an area specifically for reading in my bedroom. The pieces on the website are beautiful! There are a lot of things that appeal to my style, a bit traditional with some shabby chic and international inspirations. I chose a few items that, if I had an unlimited budget, I would love to have. The items are above my personal budget, but it was nice to look around for some inspiration.


I chose, of course, a bookcase, a chair where I could stretch my legs, an ottoman, and some paintings. I’m a fan of grey, but I realized that some color is necessary and I love the flowers in these pictures. They would go perfectly with my ever-growing house plant collection. A blanket of some sort would also be nice. I like that Arhaus has some faux fur throws. Again, I love grey and I tend to gravitate toward grey throws the most. I’m using one right now. I have to mention, though, that this bookcase has hidden compartments. Not sure what I would use them for, but it seems useful. They also have some lighting which is something else I need to look into for my reading space.

Thanks to Molly for contacting me! I enjoyed looking around. It got me more into the mood to think about what exactly I am wanting to do with my own reading space. You can see more from Arhaus on their on Instagram and Pinterest.

What about you? Are you more of a traditional person when it comes to furniture or would you go for a modern style? Or something else altogether.



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