Tag: Reading Habits

In an attempt to post more about my reading style, I’ve decided to go with the Reading Habits tag today. I’ve seen a lot of people do this, but I’m not sure who created the tag. If you know, please let me know. I would love to give them credit.

This tag consists of 11 questions. They really encompass the entire reading experience.

Question #1: Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I usually read on my bed, but sometimes I read on the couch. Something I am wanting to do is make a reading corner in my bedroom with a chair and my bookcases.

Question #2: Bookmark or a random piece of paper?

Bookmark! Sometimes I’ll use a random piece of paper, especially if I get a book from the library or a used book store and there’s already something in it.

Question #3: Can you stop reading anytime you want or do you have to stop at a certain page, chapter, part, etc.? 

I try to stop at the end of a chapter. I at least try to find the ending of a section of the chapter. Some books make this difficult. I’m looking at Atonement

Question #4: Do you eat or drink while reading?

If I’m on my lunch break, yes, but usually not when I’m at home or anywhere else. Sometimes I’ll have a cup of tea in the evening before bed, but that’s the extent of that.

Question #5: Can you read while listening to music/watching TV?

Sometimes I’ll play some music, but I prefer to read in silence. And I absolutely cannot watch TV while I’m reading.

Question #6: One book at a time or several at once? 

Reading two at once is something I’ve tried recently, but it doesn’t work that well for me.

Question #7: Reading at home or everywhere?

Everywhere! At home, at lunch, at the park, in the car, at someone else’s house.

Question #8: Reading out loud or silently in your head?

I prefer reading silently in my head. Sometimes I’ll read a line or two to someone if I think they’ll like it or I think it’s funny or thought provoking, but I’m usually alone when I read.

Question #9: Do you read ahead or skip pages?

No. I like to go one page at a time, but there were times when I was younger that I skimmed a bit if I was simply too impatient to wait for something big to happen.

Question #10: Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

Keeping it new, but I buy a lot of used books, and sometimes the spines are already broken. If that’s the case, I don’t mind doing that.

Question #11: Do you write in books?

What? WHAT? I can’t. I have thought about it because it always intrigues me when other people do it, but it’s not my style. A sticky note is fine, but not directly onto the page.

Thanks for reading! I’m planning on doing a feature on some of my favorite characters from books (and perhaps a few from TV/movies), but I would love to know if you have any other suggestions. I’m trying to keep this blog updated as often as possible while I’m on vacation from work. So far, so good.


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