Tag: R.I.P. It or Ship It (YA Edition)

Here’s a tag that I have seen a lot, most recently in a YouTube video, but I hadn’t thought to do it myself until yesterday! I decided to start with a YA edition, but I am planning on doing a Classics/Adult one and also a TV one. If you have any character suggestions for another YA or one of those other topics, please let me know! This could be a fun tag to do from time to time. I tried to pick characters that I like and dislike, as well as characters in some of my favorite book ships, so this should be interesting for my heart!

Here’s how you can play this game:

  1. Write down characters from books on slips of paper
  2. Put them in a jar/bowl/hat/mug and pick 2
  3. Decide if you ship it or R.I.P. it (R.I.P. it means you don’t ship them, but not necessarily that you want them dead)


Marcus Flutie from Jessica Darling series + Elizabeth Wakefield from Sweet Valley series

What an interesting combination to get this started! I chose Marcus because he’s one of my favorite male characters and the Jessica Darling series is my all-time favorite series, but I was nervous about putting him in the jar. I am a die hard Jessica/Marcus shipper. But this is a good one. Surprising. I chose Elizabeth specifically from the SVH: Senior Year series, and in that way, I think these two could work because Marcus is a bit similar to Connor and Elizabeth and Jessica Darling (not Wakefield) have their own similarities. SHIP IT 


Eleanor Douglas from Eleanor & Park + Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries

Unpopular opinion time: I didn’t care for Eleanor & Park. I did feel for Eleanor throughout the book and I think, although I can’t ship it as a romantic relationship, Mia would certainly try to take Eleanor under her wing and help her out a bit. SHIP IT as a mentorship, but R.I.P. it romantically.


Daniel Grigori from The Vampire Academy + Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

I don’t think Katniss would be okay with vampires being real. Despite everything she has been through and survived, that may be too much to handle. Daniel may be attracted to her strength, but I don’t think they would work. R.I.P. It


Rose Hathaway from The Vampire Academy + Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass

YES. This is a good one. I’m curious to see if there are people who happen to ship them somewhere. Anyone? Chaol/Celaena and Rose/Dimitri definitely have their similarities as people and a couple. I ship both of them, so I have to ship Chaol and Rose. SHIP IT


Levi from Fangirl + Alice Bell from White Rabbit Chronicles

In a “normal” world, anything would be possible. I think Levi could be a good character in Ali’s world, and Ali being able to go to college and not worry about zombies would be great. If either of those were possible, sure. If not, SHIP it as a friendship, but I don’t think it could ever logistically happen. R.I.P. It


Lissa Dragomir from The Vampire Academy + Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries

Well, she is a princess, but she’s not Mia and he’s not Daniel. This may be my high school self talking, but Michael can’t be with anyone else. It doesn’t work. Also, Michael and vampires wouldn’t mix. I don’t think Lissa would like him anyway. R.I.P. It


Jessica Darling from Jessica Darling series + President Snow from The Hunger Games

Nope. No, no, no, no. R.I.P. It


Tris Prior from Divergent + Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass

If we put their worlds together, I think they could be a wonderful partnership. Friendship/Partnership in either world, but not sure about them romantically. But, still, a friendship between these two could mean big things. SHIP It


Cath from Fangirl + Adrian Ivashkov from The Vampire Academy

I don’t see this ever happening. Sure, Adrian would probably flirt with her, but this doesn’t work for me world-wise or personality-wise. R.I.P. It


Four from Divergent + Nara Collins from Brightest Kind of Darkness

World wise, maybe not, but I do think that Four and Ethan have the same kind of personality, so Nara and Four could be compatible that way. Still, not sure it would work because their worlds are so different. I’m torn on this one because I think they could be a good match with their personalities, but I don’t think they could ever work together once all the drama started to happen. R.I.P. It


Dimitri Belikov from The Vampire Academy + Kamala Khan from Ms. Marvel

Kamala has enough to deal with without adding vampires into the mix, but I’ve only read the first 3 volumes of Ms. Marvel. I don’t know what else has happened. Still, don’t think they would mess very well. Could be a good team to take some bad guys down, but not romantically. R.I.P. It


Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games + Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games

Do I need to drop some more unpopular opinions? I think so. I’m a Gale/Katniss shipper and I don’t care for Peeta. At some point, I think them as a team is fine and could work very well, but I can’t do it. R.I.P. It

That was a lot of fun! I’m surprised that any of these were even ships for me because I’ve always been the type to ship what I ship and nothing else, but some of these could work. I would love to do this again, so please let me know if you have any character suggestions. Some of these may have to go back into the mix as well to see what else happens.


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