What I’ve Been Watching #6

The past couple of months, I’ve watched several movies that I somehow never saw when they first came out because I never had any interest in them when I was younger. Some of these will probably be surprising since I know they’re extremely popular and well loved. And I’ve also been watching a couple of television shows.


  • 10 Things I Hate About You – I can’t even believe that I had never seen this movie. The crying gifs probably made me think it was going to be sad, but I’m happy to report that I loved it and I would gladly rewatch it over and over again. There are so many wonderful parts of this movie. The relationships, the music, and a good Shakespeare retelling is always fun!
  • Atonement – Okay, see how I mentioned something sad? Well, here we are. I used to hate sad movies, but I love historical dramas and they usually have their fair share of death and tragic relationships. This, oh this, is much more than that. I’m happy that I finally read the book and saw the movie, and I did love both of them, but I’m sad. I’ll give some more thoughts on the book in a couple of weeks.
  • Back to the Future Part II – If I’m being completely open and honest, I didn’t see Back to the Future until less than a year ago. I don’t know how that happened because it’s on television all. the. time. Either way, I’ve seen both of these now, and I adore them. I even have a Marty McFly Funko keychain to prove it! I’ll be watching them every time I see they’re on television now. And I will be watching Part III soon.
  • The Princess Bride – I just don’t know how this happened, okay? You would think I would have seen this at some point in my childhood, but here we are, and I love it. All of it. And I want to watch it all the time. I’d like to read the book one day.The fact that 3 out of 4 of these movies are ones I would rewatch (I’ll listen to the soundtrack for Atonement, but I’m not ready for a rewatch) is huge. I don’t rewatch movies very often unless it’s an instant favorite.


  • Game of Thrones season 6 – I could have watched this in one day, but I tried to savor it as much as I could. This season, despite knowing some of the big events, still had some surprises and even gave me a couple of new kind of sort of ships (I tend to not ship on this show for some reason…), and I want to watch it again! I probably won’t see season 7 until it’s all out because that’s usually how I watch it, but I’m looking forward to seeing the final season and checking out the books this summer.
  • iZombie season 2 – I mentioned in my last What I’ve Been Watching post that I was watching this and I ended up finishing it in a couple of days. I was on spring break, so I had a little extra time to watch it. This show continually reminds me of Veronica Mars with its humor and that’s an awesome thing. And I loved all of the character development and the way some things were wrapped up. Season 3 should be interesting!

I’m currently watching The Fall and The Last Kingdom on Netflix. I may check out the latest seasons of Call the Midwife and iZombie soon.


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