Book Haul #8

One of my book goals for the past couple of years has been to buy less books unless they’re on my TBR list, but my favorite independent book store is closing (unfortunately) and they are having a sale. I have been a couple of times to look around without buying anything, but I went around a week ago and picked up two books to put on my newly organized READ bookcase. They are by two of my favorite YA authors and I loved being able to add them to my collection of favorites.

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
Locked in Time by Lois Duncan

  • By now you have probably picked up on my love for Sarah Dessen. I have an almost complete collection of her books, but this was one of about 3 missing from that. My stack of her books is on top of my READ bookcase along with a few more YA books that I’ve kept. It’s a special place.
  • I thought that I would have found some used Lois Duncan by now, but I somehow have never come across any. She’s one of my favorite authors that I read in middle school and high school and this is my favorite of her books. One day I would like to reread it, and now I can pick it up at any time. I would love to find some older copies since those are the ones I read, but I do like this cover. It gives me Alice in Wonderland vibes.

Have you added anything new to your book collection yet? Do you have a TBR shelf or case?


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