Top Ten Tuesday: Things Books Have Made Me Want to Do

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is a great one! Like a lot of people, I read to have a moment to myself, and I feel like reading can teach you a lot about yourself and inspire you to do something (even if you don’t do it all). This week’s topic is about that: Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them.

  • Travel – Unfortunately, I’m not able to travel very often, so books are a great way to do that from the comfort of your own home or car or however you travel around your own area. Reading has made me want to travel outside of the United States so much that I could probably make an itinerary long enough to last months. One day I hope to be able to take a European vacation full of places I’ve read about (and also seen in TV shows and movies). After that, I’ll have to see about going to Asia… Until then, I’ll work on being a tourist in my own city.
  • Research History -I wish I had been able to take more history classes while in college, but most of them didn’t fit into my schedule, so I read more now after graduating to make up for that. Honestly, I probably care more now than I did then. TV shows and movies are also part of where I get some of my information, so I make sure to research on my own to see how things really went down in some cases. And history is fascinating! At the moment, my favorites to learn about are the House of Borgia, War of the Roses, and Tudor England.

  • Journal – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attempted to start a journal, and I think I’ve mentioned it here before. We just don’t mix. I’ve tried a handwritten journal, an app, a LiveJournal (when I was a teenager), an art journal, one of those ‘3 happy things a day’ deals. Nothing works. If I kept a journal throughout high school, I would have a whole series of dramatic books. A la Jessica Darling? (Yes, I had to go there.) At the moment, I’m trying to write in a small journal since it doesn’t seem as daunting as a large one. It’s going pretty well, but so far I just have two or three entries about dreams I’ve been having. It’s a start.
  • Write More – Since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to write books. I’ve written short stories, taken classes on writing, and even posted things online before. But I’m still working on that debut novel. Every single book that I read, good or bad, inspires me to write more and more.
  • Learn a language – Right now, I can read some Spanish and understand it spoken just a tad, but I would love to be able to actually read an entire book in Spanish. While this wasn’t inspired by a particular book, this was inspired by reading in general, and I’ve been working on it for years. I did well in Spanish classes in college, and I love using Duolingo on a regular basis for fun and learning. I’m also trying to learn French. If I were able to learn these even more, this could make travelling even better.
  • Own a Bookstore – I would love to own a used bookstore! Or at least manage one. This would be a lot of work, I’m sure, but I love this idea of a small shop where you have your regulars and you can read on the job. That’s a perk of the job, right? I love books, I love books about books and bookstores, and I love bookstores. Win, win, win.
  • Cook (and Eat) – While I’m able to keep myself fed by cooking easy and decently healthy meals, I’d love to be able to cook some gourmet meals. Truffle oil, fancy salts, decadent homemade desserts, the whole nine. Cookbooks don’t mention how hard these things actually are, but it seems extremely rewarding. And if I’m unable to make something prize winning, at least I would know how to make something new.
  • Move – To another country, maybe. Something I wish I had done in college was a study abroad program. I was too nervous to do it at the time, but now I feel like I could have missed out on a great opportunity. I’m grateful that I live in a big city, because it’s never boring, but living somewhere else would be exciting. There are just too many places to choose from and I’d still be too nervous to do it alone.
  • Learn about myself – I’m working on this mentally and with my ancestry, partly because of books. Being more open about my experiences and feelings, learning about where my ancestors came from, and working on being more honest is a journey. It’s one that I could be writing great journal entries about actually. I always enjoy books where a character learns something interesting about themselves or about their family history.
  • Read more – Is there anything more to say?

Are there any things that reading has made you want to do?


21 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things Books Have Made Me Want to Do

  1. Cooking is on my list too! Like you, I also cook to keep myself fed, but I’d love to be able to do great things with ingredients and just astound everyone who eats my meals, haha.

    And moving to another country is SO rewarding if you have the chance. I moved twice and just absolutely loved it, though there were definitely some difficulties as well… but I think it has ultimately made me a better person.

    Here’s my TTT. 🙂

    • Yes, it would be nice to surprise someone with a great meal, just because I want to make something challenging.

      I can definitely see how moving to another country can make you a better person. It teaches you a lot about yourself, especially if you have to do it for reasons other than just wanting to, but something you have to adjust to either way.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

      • Exactly! It’s on my bucket list one day to cook like a ~gourmet meal~ from entree to dessert. I’ll even microwave the plates and “plate up” as nicely as I could. 😀

        Absolutely. I think I’ve been lucky because all my international moves have been because I want to (i.e. I studied abroad twice and stuff, and even now I’m living away from home) – I can only imagine the adjustment it’ll take if it’s not because you want to!

      • Ooh, if I’ve learned anything from Chopped, it’s that plating can make or break a meal.

        I’m sure it’s extremely difficult to uproot your life for any reason, but it sounds like you have made some really great decisions in your moves. That’s encouraging. 🙂

      • All those cooking shows focus so much on plating! I’m forever amazed by how people use “white space” or “negative space” and put all their food on one side of the plate, haha. It looks so pretty, but I can’t help to think that I’ll need more to eat to be full if I were a customer. 😛

        Haha, thank you! I guess it’s all about trying to make the best of any situation.

      • That’s so true! These portions are much too small, but they look nice. If I could get one of those cooking tools that makes foam, I would use that a lot just for a surprising touch. Haha

  2. Book have definitely wanted me to journal more often than I do, or at least stick with it. Sometimes I go through phases of journaling every day to once a month. Usually I am more consistent when I read something where the main character journals or a book is told in diary form and I connect with that main character and/or book.

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