Top Ten Tuesday: Underrated Books on Goodreads

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is Underrated Books on Goodreads (or, more specifically, books with less than 2,000 ratings). I chose 5 books that I’ve read and enjoyed and 5 that are currently on my’Want to Read’ shelf on Goodreads.

How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True by Sarah Stromeyer – The first book that I reviewed on this site! I can’t believe it has been such a long time since I read it, or that it has so few ratings. // 1,835 ratings (3.71 overall rating)

Destiny (Brightest Kind of Darkness, #3) by P.T. Michelle – When I first started reading e-books, about five years ago, one of the first authors that I discovered through Amazon was P.T. Michelle. It’s a little surprising that this series has never taken off. // 1,104 ratings (4.35 overall rating)

Echoes of Us (The Hybrid Chronicles, #3) by Kat Zhang  –  This series received a solid 4 stars from me, from book 1 to 3, but it doesn’t have many ratings on Goodreads. Book 1 has over 12,000 ratings, but the ratings dwindled to 2,356 for book 2 and less than 2,000 for book 3. // 1,006 ratings (3.84 overall rating)

Jessica Darling’s IT List (#1-2) by Megan McCafferty – I have been extremely open about my love for the original Jessica Darling series. This series, of which there are currently 3 books, are middle grade, but I couldn’t help but pick them up for myself. They are quite a bit different from the original books, and I feel that they’re set in a slightly different universe, but they’re still great to give a younger reader who has never read Megan McCafferty or someone who’s interested in more of these characters. // 999 ratings (3.96 overall rating); 295 ratings (3.81 overall rating) 

The Next Together (The Next Together, #1) by Lauren James – I’ve seen this book mentioned on a few blogs, as well as in some book vlogs, so I’m again surprised that it’s not more popular. Historical Time Travel? Is that a genre? Sounds interesting. // 1,464 ratings (3.79 overall rating)

Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson – After reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Jackson was automatically one of my favorite authors. I’ve since read The Haunting of Hill House and several of her short stories, but I haven’t read anything else that was full length. A short novel, but I’m sure it’s a great read. // 1,310 ratings (3.71 overall rating)

The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell – I’ve recently been getting into more non-fiction. This one is about, well, bookshops. As a lover of reading and buying books, I feel like I need to read it. // 858 ratings (4.28 overall rating)

Monsters by Emerald Fennell – This book made an appearance in another post months ago (months and months ago), and sadly it’s still on my ‘Want to Read’ list and not my ‘Read’ list. Although it has few ratings, the overall rating is promising. // 460 ratings (4.00 overall rating)

I Love, I Hate, I Miss My Sister by Amélie Sarn – I’ve mentioned this book a time or two on here, and I’ve yet to read it. At 152 pages, it would be the perfect choice for a one sitting book. // 379 ratings (3.68 overall rating)

Do you prefer to read books based on their ratings?


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