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Hello! I was tagged by Lucía from Making Days Better to do the My Life in Books tag. This was a lot of fun to put together, so I hope that you enjoy reading my answers. I tried my best to pick only books that I’ve read and currently own. I’ve also tagged a few people at the end of the post. Thank you so much for tagging me!

Find a book for each of your initials:
romeoandjulietwestsidestory thenannydiaries thegirlwhochasedthemoon
My initials are RNG, so here we go! I haven’t read the West Side Story part of the Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story edition that I have, but I have read Romeo and Juliet. I read it in 9th grade English class, so I may need to revisit it eventually.

Count your age along your bookshelf. Which book is it?
Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I’ve never read this book or seen this movie, but it was recommended to me by my sister several years ago and I do think it sounds like a great adventure.

Pick a book in your city, state, country:
I’ll be honest: I tend to shy away from books set where I live, and the same goes for TV and movies, because I’m from the southern US and I find it really awkward to read or watch other people’s ideas of the region. So I picked a book that, while I haven’t read it, I know that it’s a classic and a huge novel. I don’t know how much of it actually takes place where I’m from, but I did a little research and decided this was a good choice. I discovered several books that I had no idea were based here, so that was interesting!

Pick a book that represents a destination you would love to travel to:
This book is set in the English countryside and I would love to visit England one day. Every time I hear about a new place (to me) in the country, I want to visit. I would especially love to visit some of the castles and London. A lot of my ancestors were from England and lived in some of the places that you can visit now, so it would be an amazing trip.

Pick a book that’s your favourite color:
I made it this far without mentioning Megan McCafferty? The spine of this book has a lot more purple than the cover, but here you go: purple.

Which book do you have the fondest memories of?
And here’s another Megan McCafferty right after… This book means a lot to me and helped me get through tough times when I was a teenager, so I had to choose it. I will treasure my copy for life.

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?
lordoftheflies bravenewworld
These weren’t difficult in the sense that they’re hard to understand, but I had read them before in middle school and high school and reread them again in the last year or so. Lord of the Flies did have moments that were just hard to read because they’re young boys on their own trying to survive and creating their own land. Brave New World did make me think a lot like any dystopian novel, so it’s also a little frightening. I do think both are must reads, though.

Which book on your TBR pile gave you the biggest sense of accomplishment?
Absolutely Pride and Prejudice! This is a book that took me years to complete because I started it several times without finishing it, but I finally did it and I loved it and it was the most fun I’d had reading a book in a long time. I’m so glad audiobooks exist.

Kendra at The Fashionable Reader
Jess at Princess of Books
Carrie at Reading is my Superpower

If you’ve done this tag, feel free to ignore. I tried my best to see if this was done by any of you, and it looked like it wasn’t, so hopefully you haven’t. It’s a lot of fun if you do plan to do it and, if I didn’t tag you, you should do it!

Thanks again for tagging me, Lucía!

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