TV Review: iZombie (Season One)

izombies1Title: iZombie
Creator: Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright
Premiered: March 17, 2015
Genre: Comedy-drama, Crime, Horror
Rating: ★★★★★

This is a relatively spoiler-free review. Most plot mentioned is in the trailer.

Have I mentioned before that one of my favorite shows is Veronica Mars? I’m 110% sure that I have because I’ve read the books and talked about the show on here a few times, and now Rob Thomas has created another television show along with Dianne Ruggiero-Wright, who was also involved with Veronica Mars and co-wrote the script for the movie. iZombie began its run on The CW back in March and was recently added to Netflix in the US. That is where I marathoned it in about 3 days. Mystery, Snark (with a capital S), and a little bit of horror make this show addicting. 

iZombie is about a woman named Liv Moore played by Rose McIver who dies at a party. Only she doesn’t really die. She wakes up the next morning already in a body bag (yikes!) and hungry for human brains (yuck!). She then becomes an employee at the local morgue and, unintentionally, begins to solve crimes. Here’s the thing: when Liv eats brains of the people brought into the morgue, she gains some of their memories and those help her figure out what happened, like who killed them and sometimes even more. I’ll admit, the idea sounded a little ridiculous to me at first. Then I started it and I was sold within the first 5 minutes of the first episode. Oh, I should have never doubted it!

Much like Veronica Mars, there’s a mystery in every episode as well as a couple of mysteries that are investigated throughout the season. I absolutely love that format. It’s so nice to sit down and watch a television show that feels like each episode wraps something up and gives you reason to keep watching. It would still be great if it was one giant cliffhanger, but I prefer the episodic mysteries.

My favorite characters on the show are Liv, Ravi, and Clive Babineaux. I love the teamwork there and all of the relationships involved, and I would love to see more of Liv and Clive working together and it would be nice to learn more about him. My only issue with the show is that I’m not sure just yet how I feel about Liv and Major, but oh do I love seeing Robert Buckley! (One Tree Hill is a favorite.) Other than that, I find all of the main characters and their relationships to be interesting and they all give the show something important.

Also worth mentioning is that the show is based on a comic book series by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. I wasn’t aware of this at first, but I noticed that the episodes feature short comic-style images in the beginning of each “chapter” and it led me to trying to figure out exactly why that was an artistic choice. From what I understand, the show is not very close to the comics, but I appreciate the throwback to the original work.


I’m giving this show a big A or 4 1/2-5 stars! Although I wasn’t sure about it at first, I’m glad that I gave it a shot and watched the entire first season as a marathon and not weekly. I think it worked out really well that way, but I don’t think I can wait for the second season to be on Netflix. I’m too addicted now.

Have you watched iZombie?

This is my first television review and I hope that it was informative! I was thinking about posting more reviews and thoughts on TV and film on here from time to time and as I watching this show, I knew I wanted to make a post. I’d love to know your thoughts on that idea. Some of the shows and movies will be literature-related, but I can’t promise that of everything. I’m now off to catch up on season two of iZombie!


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