Friday Finds #2

Friday Finds is a meme hosted by A Daily Rhythm to show new books that you’ve recently discovered and added to your TBR.

I only read one book last month, and I didn’t read much of it on my own as it was an audiobook, but that didn’t stop me from adding a few new books to my TBR.

Monsters by Emerald Fennell
Shopaholic to the Rescue (Shopaholic, #8) by Sophie Kinsella
The Martian by Andy Weir

Monsters is a book I’ve seen around a lot this summer, but it’s one that didn’t catch my attention until I saw it in a YouTube video and actually found out what it’s about. It sounds so good! It also has a great cover.

I haven’t even read Shopaholic #7 yet and I had no idea that there would be another one so soon until a couple of weeks ago. A total surprise, but not a bad one at all. Even though I haven’t read the most recent release, there is no way I can say no to more by Sophie Kinsella. This one went right onto my TBR.

As the film version of this book is now in theaters, I have been seeing what seems like non-stop advertising for it and the curiosity finally got to me. A friend of mine was reading this one recently, so I asked what she thought, and decided to give it a go. Have any of you read The Martian? It’s the kind of book that I usually wouldn’t think much about, personally, but I’ve heard that it’s very funny.

Any new finds?


2 thoughts on “Friday Finds #2

  1. oooooh, the martian! i heard great things from it. they say it’s scientifically accurate plus, it’s hilarious. one guy from the international space station blurbed it, can you believe? anyway, amazing post! i hope to read it one day 😀

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