Season Wrap-Up: What I Enjoyed This Summer

Happy Fall! Now that it’s the official start of my favorite season of the year, I thought it would be a good time to talk about some of the things that I enjoyed during the last few months. Summer is probably my least favorite season, but I had a nice one this year and there was a lot of bookish and non-bookish things that I enjoyed.

I’ve never done a post before about things not book-related on here, but I’ve been wanting to do something about the other things that I love, so here we go!

Have I seriously never made a TV/Movies post? One of my favorite forms of storytelling is on screen. I love it so much that I even have a film degree! I’m by no means an expert on film making or criticism, and I probably watch less movies than anyone I know, but I still love to watch.

  • Bob’s Burgers – My current happy show.
  • Sense8 – This show surprised me. Even if you’re not into science fiction, there’s so much more to it, and the cinematography and editing is fantastic.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – This is one of those shows that I almost didn’t watch, but I’m very happy that I did. It made for a nice 3-day marathon.
  • Far From The Madding Crowd – This film didn’t blow me away, but I’m a sucker for a period drama.
  • Queen – Everyone should watch Queen! This is such a cute film.
  • Dirty Dancing – This is my mom’s favorite movie (or one of them) and she was always so surprised that I had never watched it, so I asked her to watch it with me and that was a nice experience. Watch your parents’ favorite movies sometime. I think I get the Dirty Dancing love now.

Another one of my favorite things: music. I discovered a lot of new (for me) music this summer and rediscovered some that I hadn’t listened to in years. Oh, nostalgia.

  • Brand New’s Daisy – This wasn’t a new album to me as it was released in 2009, but I remember not loving it when it was originally released and I finally listened to it again last year and listened to it a lot this summer. I finally got to the point where this album made sense for me.
  • Eisley’s The Valley – A friend recommended one of their songs to me and I was surprised by falling in love with them. This particular album is now a favorite.
  • Fall Out Boy – In no way is their music new to me since I’ve been listening to them for at least 10 years, but I listened to them a lot this summer. Of course, I do consider them my favorite ever, so they’ll probably always be on this kind of list.
  • Panic! at the Disco’s “Hallelujah” – Another band that’s not new to me at all, but they released this super fun song (and another one a couple weeks ago!) and I’m looking forward to their new album. Another all-time favorite band.
  • Phases/JJAMZ – The same friend who recommended Eisely is a big fan of this band and I decided to check them out and, once again, fell in love. They’re a fun, yet chill, band and that was great this summer. Their new album For Life came out last week and I’ve been listening to it a lot this week.
  • Fleetwood Mac – One of the best-selling bands of all time and one whose music I’ve listened to for years because of my parents, but I never really took the time to get into them on my own. I love that there’s so much variety in their music.

I spend most of my online time on YouTube, so I thought it only made sense to share a few of my favorite channels! I found it a little awkward to look up pictures of them (is that strange?), so I’m just going to link their channels and a couple videos.

  • CloudyApples – Kassie is smart, funny, and I’ve watched all of her videos in the past year. Her channel includes a lot of great lifestyle tips, recipes, occasional vlogs, and she’s someone who has encouraged me to look at the beauty in the world. I highly recommend her videos. 5 Books I Recommend (I read The Stranger because of this video), OMG Healthier Twix Chocolate Bars
  • booksandquills – A BookTube channel! I’ve only been watching her videos in the past couple of weeks, but I’ve watched a lot of them and she’s one of the few book-related channels that I currently follow. She makes me want to start a channel of my own. The Travel Box IV (I also have a bit of a travel box, so this little series of videos was very interesting to me), 5 Graphic Novel & Picture Book Reviews
  • danisnotonfire – If you watch YouTube at all, you probably already know who Dan is… but I’m going to link him anyway. He’s possibly the most relatable YouTuber whose videos I’ve ever watched. Dan’s Channel Trailer, Existential Crisis (I get it… Oh, I get it.)

I think that’s enough for now. If you’re interested in more YouTube/BookTube recommendations, just let me know.

A lot of these I’ve raved about on here already, but I wanted to give them a little summer send off anyway.

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson
Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

I may not love summer, but I hope that my fall is as enjoyable. What did you enjoy this summer?


3 thoughts on “Season Wrap-Up: What I Enjoyed This Summer

  1. I’m planning on reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle this fall! I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’m really looking forward to it!

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