Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Have Yet to Finish 

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is about series that we haven’t finished reading. I knew that there were a few that I haven’t finished because I simply haven’t gotten around to it or I have given up on a series, but I didn’t realize there were so many! Looks like I might have some to check out again. I could have made this post much longer, but I managed to only include ten series.

thesummoning bloodlines thebodyfinder
amadzombieparty weetziebat

Here are the fantasy series that I’ve yet to finish. In fact, I haven’t started The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong or Bloodlines by Richelle Mead, but I have read series related to them. Embarrassingly enough, I read the sequel series to the Darkest Power series before I even knew it was a sequel series! Since then, I have bought The Summoning because I’d love to read the original series since I really enjoyed the others, and I’m also excited to read BloodlinesThe Vampire Academy series is by far one of my favorite YA series and I raved about it on here constantly last year. As for the other three, I don’t know why I haven’t finished The Body Finder series by Kimberly Derting. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read. For some reason, it has been on and off of my TBR list for the past couple of years. I enjoyed the first three books of the White Rabbit Chronicles and I felt that it had a great ending for a trilogy. I wasn’t expecting a fourth book. I’ll probably read it one day, though, just to see what happens next. And the Weetzie Bat books! I used to read them in high school, and I remember reading more of her books in college, but I never picked them back up. If I ever find a copy of Dangerous Angels, I must reread (and finish) them.

matched thumped allegiant

What can I say about these books? These are the dystopian series that I haven’t finished reading. I already know that I’m not interested in finishing the Matched series. I read the first book and liked parts of it, but the love triangle turned me off of it. I felt like I was more interested in the friendships and the secondary romance more than the main relationship, and I just didn’t care to continue with that. Bumped and Thumped are by one of my favorite authors of all time, Megan McCafferty, and I own Thumped, but I just have not been able to make myself read it. One day I will reread Bumped and read Thumped immediately afterward to get the full experience. It’s in my TBR jar (or mug…) at the moment, so it will happen. And Allegiant. Oh, a book that I was spoiled for before it was even released. When it comes to dystopian series, I think that the Divergent series could be my favorite even if I haven’t finished it. I’ve been seeing several people reading this lately and that’s encouraging me to finally pick it up, despite knowing the ending.

fallen sweetevil

After reading these books, I don’t think angels are for me. I read the first two of each of these series, but I believe they were all 2-star books for me. It’s possible one of them was even a 1-star. I didn’t know that there was another book in the Fallen series coming out later this year, but I have no plans to finish it. Although I liked them both about the same amount, I have to say that the Sweet Trilogy had more interesting lore, and I did like that about the book. However, the characters in both and the situations just did not work for me. At this point, I’m not sure I’ll ever try angels again.

Have you read any of these series? I’d love to know what you thought.


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Have Yet to Finish 

  1. Everyone seems to love the Sweet Evil series so I tried the first book as well but quit after about 50%. I could not stand the characters at all or the justifications for their behaviors. I read all of the Matched series but was really disappointed with the last book. I wouldn’t bother finishing that one. Divergent is the only other series on your list that I’ve read and the same thing happened to me with Allegiant. I still can’t believe it was spoiled so badly and so quickly!

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one who felt that way about the Sweet Evil series. I’m still not sure why I read the second book. Thanks for the info on the Matched series. I don’t think I’ll bother with that one. I’ve seen a few other people mention that happening to them with Allegiant. So disappointing!

  2. The Bumped series was definitely unique. I like how she tied it up at the end.

    I have a love hate with the end of Allegiant and not just for the spoiler you’ve heard but it’s still a must read.

    I gave up on Matched halfway through Crossed. I suppose I could still go back but there’s a whole lot of books on the TBR ahead of that one.

    Oh and dying to check out the White Rabbit Chronicles!

    I ended up with a list of 64! So my top ten is really just a taste.

    • I hope I can reread Bumped and read Thumped at some point this year.

      Yeah, I would hate if I didn’t eventually finish the series. Even if I know some spoilers, I still want to read how it all happens.

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who didn’t finish it, but I would love to know what you think if you do read it.

      The new book should be great!

      Oh wow. That’s a lot! I know there has to be more from when I was younger, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I would definitely want to reread a ton of books.

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