Top Ten Tuesday: Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s topic is Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit, real or fictional. That’s such a fun topic because part of the reason I love books is exploring other places.

London, England – If I could pack up some of my belongings and move anywhere in the world without a second thought, it would be London. I can’t count how many books I’ve read that are set there, though, but even without books I want to go there. If I ever went, one of my first tourist stops near London would probably be Hampton Court Palace.

New York City, New York – New York is another place I want to visit regardless of books, but there have been so many amazing books set in the city that feature different parts of it, so there are some restaurants and other tourist destinations that have been part of books (or television shows and movies) that I’d like to visit.

Paris, France – Well, of course! Is there anyone who doesn’t want to go to Paris? I’m sure there are a few people actually, but I’ve always wanted to visit Paris and France in general. The architecture is gorgeous and I’d love to visit places I’ve heard about for years. Not to mention the Louvre. I believe the last book I read that was set in Paris was Anna and the French Kiss. I didn’t love this book the way some people did, but I really liked the way the city was described in the book.

Greece – It has probably been years since I last read a book set in Greece (possibly The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants back in middle school), but I would love to visit Greece. I’ve always loved learning about Ancient Greece as well, so being able to go to a place with that much history would be amazing.

North Carolina – As someone who was born and raised in the Southern US, I don’t always want to visit places around me since it can sometimes seem like it’s all the same (which is simply not true). But I’ve read so many books, mainly those by Sarah Dessen, that make want to go there because it seems like a beautiful state. It’s also only one state away from me, so it’s a definite must for the future.

Wonderland – One of my favorite stories of all times is Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland. The story has fascinated me since I was a child and, although Wonderland itself is a pretty wild and scary place, I want to take a trip down the rabbit hole. What’s life without a little adventure anyway?  

St. Vladimir’s Academy – Another place that would probably be pretty hard to survive in is this school from the Vampire Academy series. I guess I’d be a Dhampir or a Moroi, so my chances would be both better and worse? Is that possible? Anyway, I had to include some sort of vampire world since I always enjoy those, and what better than the world I fell in love with this year.

Tudor England – To be honest, I haven’t read any books set in Tudor England (that I can recall), but I have several on my TBR list and I love that period of history. And I love TV shows and movies set in that time! Even still, and no matter how dangerous this could potentially be, I have to include it.

I only have eight places here because I do read a lot of books that are set in dystopian worlds, and I don’t want to be involved in that. Panem could be an interesting place to be for an hour or two, I’d probably pass out if I ever met Four in the Divergent world, and it would be awesome to be as badass as the girls in those books, but those would be frightening if that ever happened in the real world. Yikes!

Making this list has made me realize something. I never read books that are set in the city I live in, unless I was made to read one in school, and I was wondering if anyone else is wary of books set where they live or enjoy checking them out. I’d love to know what you all think about that.


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