Top Ten Tuesday: TV Shows

I’ve been waiting to do this Top Ten Tuesday topic since I saw it on the list a few weeks ago. If there’s anything that I love as much as I love books, it’s TV! I’m excited that this week’s topic is based on other types of stories or Top Ten Favorite Movies or TV Shows. Netflix is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s so much cheaper than the money I spent in high school at the video rental store (remember those?) and DVD sets. Most of the shows here are comedies, but I do love a good supernatural, sci-fi show, as well as some drama and mystery.

arresteddevelopment community flightoftheconchords onetreehill
portlandia roswell supernatural thetudors
veronicamars thewalkingdead

Arrested Development, Community, Flight of the Conchords, Portlandia – These are four of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and I find them so hilarious. I can watch episodes over and over again and discover a new joke every time (especially with Arrested Development and Portlandia). If you’re into quirky comedy and haven’t watched any of these, definitely check them out. And if you’re into musical comedy, Flight of the Conchords is a treat. Their songs are so catchy. I can’t recommend these four enough.

One Tree Hill
– This is one of those shows that I somehow never watched when I was in high school or college, and only discovered a little over two years ago. Why did I never watch it before?! Thank you, Netflix! I watched the first 8 seasons in probably a month or two (yikes), and then went out and bought the 9th season on DVD because I finished the day after it was released. I would usually say that I can’t do a lot of drama because I get way too emotional, but this show is amazing. When a show has so many years to grow, and the characters actually grow up with it, someone did something right. This show has some of the most fleshed out characters I’ve seen in a show that started out about teenagers. It also brought me my favorite character ever, Brooke Davis. I didn’t even like her in the first few seasons. That’s how good this show is!

Roswell – One of my favorite shows ever. Obviously, it’s on this list. This is another show that, like One Tree Hill, was on when I was in middle school and high school and I just never watched it. I have no idea how all of these shows passed me by. I was watching so much other stuff on The WB. I read the book series in high school and decided that I needed to see the show. Thankfully an episode or two was being shown on television every afternoon back then and it became part of my after school routine. This was probably the first fandom that I was involved with online as well, even though I was several years late, and I love that there are still fans around. Did I mention Michael and Maria? Yeah. I love them.

Supernatural – The show that has lasted so long. I remember watching the pilot of this when it aired and loving it, but then I got too busy with school and didn’t catch up until the summer after season 2. There are times now when I really have no idea what’s going on or I’m just not that into it, but I still love this show and it has to be included. The earlier seasons are the best in my opinion, mostly because I loved the focus on a monster of the week and the first few seasons had some wonderful storylines. It’s still one of my favorites, though, and I’m so excited that it has a 10th season! I may rewatch some of my favorite episodes soon.

The Tudors – Here we go with more drama. I’m not sure what to say about The Tudors other than everyone should watch it. If you’re at all into royal history or history in general, I think it’s a great show to at least try out. The actors are all talented and the costumes are beautiful, and I loved that you get a lot of story in one episode. Some historical facts aren’t there or are mixed with other ones, so you can’t use it instead of going to your history class, but it’s an extremely entertaining show. I would have loved if this show had 6, 7, 8 seasons, but I was really impressed with how well they worked with 4.

Veronica Mars – I’ve mentioned Veronica Mars on here before, and I said that I didn’t really like the 3rd season and stopped watching it. Thankfully, the movie was so good and rekindled my love for the show and reminded me why I was so attached to it in the first place. Even though I never finished season 3, I have rewatched seasons 1 and 2 multiple times because of the characters, writing, and the mysteries. Another early fandom that I was involved with online. Also, Logan and Veronica.

The Walking Dead – Is it October yet? It’s so hard to wait for this show especially because I watched seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and then season 3 was on there not too long after. It’s always tough to transition from a marathon to watching a show as it airs, but I couldn’t wait for season 4 to be released. I had to watch it and The Talking Dead every week last season. Zombies are one of those creatures that always intrigue me and I really love how this show is about more than the outbreak. It’s about the people and their survival and all the drama that comes with something so insane going on in the world. I don’t want to be one of them!

Have you ever watched any of these shows? Or do you have any suggestions?


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