Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’ve Read This Year

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish is an amazing topic: Top 10 Books I’ve Read This Year. I’ve read 20 books this year, so it is a little odd to put half of the books I’ve read on here, but I enjoy making these lists. Actually, I already have 11 books on my Favorite Books of 2014 shelf on Goodreads. Maybe it’s not so strange. Also, I’ve already talked about most of these books on my blog (or at least showed them and mentioned them in another post), so I apologize for the repetitiveness.

thegathering thecalling frostbite shadowkiss
bloodpromise destiny anotherlittlepiece throughthezombieglass
reboot whatsleftofme

I’ve gone a little series crazy so far  this year, so those first 5 choices are probably not much of a surprise. They weren’t to me.

The Gathering and The Calling (Darkness Rising, 1 &2) by Kelley Armstong: She became one of my new favorite authors with the Darkness Rising series. I loved Maya. The 3rd book isn’t on this list just because there wasn’t room and I had to make a tough decision and only include 10/11 of the books of my favorites of this year. If you’re into shifters, check out this series.

Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, and Blood Promise (Vampire Academy 2, 3, & 4) by Richelle Mead: I am loving the Vampire Academy series and so sad that I only have 2 books left. Thank goodness for Bloodlines! The only reason Vampire Academy didn’t make the cut in this list or on my Favorites of 2014 shelf is that I was a little put off by the different types of vampires at first. Now I’m completely into it. Frostbite was great, but then book 3 completely turned everything onto its head and it has been amazing! It was great before and a little more fun, but now it’s heartbreaking and suspenseful and there are a ton of twists and turns. Loving that. I can’t wait to read more from Mead.

Destiny (Brightest Kind of Darkness, 3) by P.T. Michelle: I’ve been following this series since I discovered it for free or maybe .99 for Kindle a couple of years ago, and it’s extremely interesting and exciting! Nara and Ethan are beautiful together. Very mysterious series that you unravel and learn more about at, in my opinion, a much more realistic pace than some other books. This is one of those series that got me back into reading as before I began to keep track of my reading progress, I was in a bit of a reading slump. So sad. I hate when that happens. The prequel novella and first book of the series are actually free on Amazon right now!

Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn: I’m still not sure I understood most of this book, but I don’t even need to. Crazy book, but I enjoyed it a lot. I read this one in one day because I was curious to know what was going on and what was going to happen. It really surprised me with how heart wrenching it ended up being. It’s definitely worth a shot if you’re into horror stories with a bunch of mystery thrown in.

Through the Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles, 2) by Gena Showalter: I’ve talked about my love for this series and how I’m (im)patiently waiting for the 3rd book. Like the Vampire Academy series, the typical creature is not what you get here, but it works so well and I can’t imagine it being any different. If you’re into zombies or you’d like to read a re-imagining about them, definitely check these books out.

Reboot (Reboot, 1) by Amy Tintera: I can’t say enough about this book. It surprised me in the best way. I had an idea of what it was about, and thought it sounded interesting enough to pick it up, but then it was so hard to put down! A lot of action in this one. The characters are kind of like zombies except some of them have more human emotions than others. It all depends on how long they were dead before they rebooted. Just… check it out.

What’s Left of Me (The Hybrid Chronicles, 1) by Amy Zhang: This is another book that took me a day to read. There’s a lot that goes on in this one, so it was hard to not get attached to the characters so quickly and want to know more, more. more. It’s also one of those books that makes me glad that I don’t live in a world where everyone is born with two souls in one body… Um, no thanks. Being one person is hard enough sometimes. I’m looking forward to reading the next two books and I can’t believe that I haven’t read the second one yet.


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