Book Haul #4

I bought these books last week, but I was so sure that I would go out and find more over the weekend that I decided to save them all for a bigger post. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything this week, but I’m happy about these.


bookhaul004Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (purchased/used)
Friend Me (Mates, Dates 1-3) by Cathy Hopkins (purchased/used)
Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella (purchased/used)

A local thrift store I go to was having a 99 cents sale if the item had a certain colored sticker, so that’s when I picked up the Friend Me collection and Twenties Girl. I’ve heard of the Mates, Dates series and I thought that was a wonderful deal for 3 books. It’s possible I end up passing it on to someone I know will enjoy it more and won’t mind that there are a ton of books in this series (Yikes! I need to start perusing Goodreads while I’m shopping.). This store has had Twenties Girl there for a few months. It’s a book I’ve read and enjoyed, but I wasn’t sure if I really needed to add it to my collection since it wasn’t something I plan on rereading anytime soon. For 99 cents, though, I couldn’t help but finally pick it up. How was it still there? It’s Sophie Kinsella! And while Bitten wasn’t part of the sale, $2 was a good deal considering I’ve been wanting to pick it up for some summer reading.

Are there any books that you’ve found for a great deal?


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